The homie Buddy Homie.

Sometimes it's really hard to match some ones hustle. Then there's people that have created their own hustle. One so elegant and elaborate that they are unfadable with what ever they touch. I know it may seem cryptic how i'm describing Omar and another facet of his talent, which is music. But the analogy above spans all of Omar's gifts. You can't touch him. Period dot. Here's a little taste in to his psychedelic mind. 



Having lived all over Los Angeles, i was a little hesitant to move to South Pasadena. But when a friend like Sean of Team Dream convinces you it's a good move, there has to be some allure to it. This small town feel in a big city is not so bad. Heck, it's almost like I'm unattached from the hustle and I'm not even an episode of Seinfeld away. My decision was solidified when The Cub House opened up. 


I've always had a neighborhood hang out where ever I lived in the city. Back in Hollywood, it was Golden Saddle Cyclery. A place where I can talk shit exchange ideas and just relax in between projects, and maybe have a beer or five. Now that I'm here in South Pasadena, The Cub House is a great shop to linger around. Just a short bike ride away and I have a little retreat while I'm in working from home. There's not as much beer as GSC, but hey, I bring my own vices...

Mullholland Drive with Andy Ellis

Andy Ellis on Mulholland Drive. With all these videos making people stoked on life, here's one to make you feel uneasy like watching David Lynch's Inland Empire. Watch and share it. Stayed tuned as well because it's not the last you'll hear from us.